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We work alongside national and international firms.

We plainly comprehend that you need not to lose, but rather to gain more cash over your time of work with us. That is the reason we dismiss all high-chance undertakings, that may prompt a quick heap of money out of the blue however to a primary capital’s misfortune the second

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PFPA organizes maximum transparency, secured and guaranteed transactions, with our bank payment undertaking for our potential partners, realizing with our world rated auditors, accountants and banks where global partners supporting transaction within local and international laws, rules and norms under contract obligations. We offer to our potential partners’ project financing under loan and direct investment conditions including E.S.M.A norms and rules. Our loan conditions are negotiable accordance to their financial and legal opportunities and possibilities of Partners.

Custom Financial Solutions

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their home ownership and financial goals

Asset Management Services

provide the service of buying and selling assets on behalf of their clients.

Comprehensive Project Finance Services

include financing of infrastructure, industrial projects, and public services through a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure.

Financial Consulting

The role of a financial consultant is to provide an independent, expert opinion on a proposed business plan or decision

Our Company has ability to :

PT. PRINCE FAYEZ ALHASHEMI, the main business activity of is financial services, financial engineering, funds management, asset management, project financing for potential partnering

  1. Trade Finance (L/C & Bank Guarantee)
  2. Commodity Export – Import
  3. Project funding/Financing
  4. Issue Financial Securities & Bank Instruments
  5. Financial Securities Monetization
  6. Leasing & Buy-Sell of Financial Securities
  7. Built-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T)
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Transformation sparks financial
income for cleints.

Our Company


Become a Professional Company in the Field of Sustainable Banking & Financial Industry.”


  • Compliance with local rules on offering financial products and services and development of global policies and procedures
  • Licensing requirements and exemptions
  • Relationship structures that optimize cross-border operations
  • Establishment of local operations outside of the USA.
  • Concurrent compliance with USA and local laws
  • International insurance operations
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Project funding/Financing
  • Issue Financial Securities
  • Financial Securities Monetization
  • Leasing & Buy-Sell of Financial Securities
  • Built-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T)
  • International insurance operations
  • Service of Bank for International Settlements
    (BIS) with central bank as participating banks.
  • Sovereign Guarantee Fund – specializing globally
    in using sovereign guarantees as collateral for
    loans, concentrates on financing Government
    Projects with a primary focus on
    infrastructure & humanitarian projects.

Case Studies

Renewable Energy


In 3 Augusts 2020, accordance to the Board Resolution, has been decided to establish daughter companies in different countries, where young company could get its business activity under local and international legislation.

That is why, since we established in Singapore (PRINCE FAYEZ ALHASHEMI PTE LTD) and in United Kingdom (PRINCE FAYEZ ALHASHEMI LIMITED), we still are progressively expanding in Cambodia , Thailand, Laos, Kenya, Indonesia etc.

SADAI Integrated Industrial & Port


Our target is that by 2024 all infrastructure built on an area of 400 hectares will be completed. Currently, only one industry is operating, namely a hospital sewage treatment plant. For new renewable energy power plants with a capacity of 12.5 Megawatts, we are targeting to operate in March 2023,

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